the trio


Arts educator (for life) in many settings, though most consistently in state high schools in the Brisbane area. Long story short, I prefer the abstract(ic) over the didactic any day in the hope that it creates both thinkers and makers. I consider the strength in my practice to stem from a desire to make ‘something out of nothing ‘and inversely, to avoid making ‘nothing out of something.’ That said, I love it all; the good, the bad, the ugly…
A synthesis of these simple sentiments coupled with my love for colour, surface and form has led me to my current art practice, Empty Vessel.  Reading literary fiction nourishes my soul. I’m always moved by the beauty of a well composed sentence. Listening to good music lifts my spirit. Film, ditto. ‘Art is the thrilling spark that beats death – that’s all.’
(Brett Whiteley)


Pianist and violinist and long time blogger at The Spiralling Shape. After many years working in tertiary education I up and left without a clear plan for the future. Three years later I work as a marketing officer in a regional art gallery. In my own time I continue to teach a small number of piano students, pursue little writing things in a totally non-professional and adhoc way, and take part in community music activities. Sometimes I worry about my social media addiction. Others times I embrace it. I like television (so much so that I wrote an unreadable phd about it). Other things you need to know – I’m an introvert. I don’t eat chicken. And Rockwiz style, the first concert I went to was during late high school – a double header of John Farnham and Daryl Braithwaite at the Bundaberg Show Grounds. Obviously, I’m cool from way back.


Visual artist, designer since forever ago, and casually administrative at a regional gallery gives me pause for thoughts. When not painting landscapes near home in regional Queensland I enjoy laughing, eating cake, yoga, singing along to the Bee Gees, and drawing wombats. The arts practice—painting, drawing, printmaking—is the greatest focus, providing the least possible income and the best possible outcome. A dichotomy worth talking about, in the hope of learning new ways to do both while stayin’ alive. (okay that’s possibly their worst song and the lamest segue :-0 )

After a couple of years of rewarding posting to an Aus-USA exchange project—whose charter was to connect those who worked remotely—I decided I couldn’t go back to only talking to the dog about what I’m doing.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But here’s another ear, conceptually, virtually. :-]