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Milk and mandarins

It’s that time of the year, or the month, or just the morning when I’ve suddenly been taken over by the need to take stock……Is it the winterish blues I wonder?

Making : this crochet rug in a bid to use up all the leftover yarn from last year’s crafty efforts. It’s called the oblong story blanket. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll bother with the pom poms.

Cooking : Not much at all but I am planning to make soup FROM SCRATCH on Friday.

Drinking : Tea, chai, water. That’s it really. My go to beverages.

Reading: Lots of articles on the interwebs about USA politics and then despairing.

Trawling: through articles about makerspaces and redesigned school libraries.

Wanting: a new Radley handbag but being financially responsible and holding out.

Looking: forward to spending some days in Brisbane early next week.

Deciding: what to wear every day in what passes for winter here in the subtropics. I’ll give you a hint. No cardigan required.

Wishing: I could get used to my new glasses without feeling queasy.

Enjoying: the luxury of time.

Waiting: for my Princess Leia Baccurelli brooch to arrive in the post. It’s been AGES. #firstworldproblemobviously

Liking: my new Everest violin shoulder rest. So comfy.

Considering: starting a podcast with a friend.

Wondering: if there are already too many podcasts in the world

Loving: the sunny days

Pondering: whether and when to get a new cat……

Listening: to the birds chattering away outside this morning

Buying: Milk and mandarins yesterday at Aldi.

Watching: let’s see….Glow on Netflix, Will and Grace on Stan, the Office (US) from ITunes, Doctor Who on ABCTV, Ronny Chieng International Student on ABCTV…..other things…..

Hoping: the last remnants of this cold finally disappear in the next few days. It’s been a month.

Marvelling: at the cuteness of my baby nephew!

Cringing: at Trump, Trump always Trump.

Needing: to change my violin strings

Questioning: just why I thought it was a good idea to enter the footy tipping at work. Such a pain every week. Perhaps it would be better if I actually followed the football? Who can say?

Smelling: my lemon and sage shampoo

Wearing: a grey linen and rose top, 7/8 jeans bought in New Zealand. I’m quite the fashion plate.

Noticing: the ache in my hip….from too much sitting

Knowing: I need to up the exercise.

Thinking: I need to do some violin practice

Admiring: People who are intrepid, brave and not scaredy cats.

Getting: thirsty for a cuppa.

Bookmarking: see Trawling (above)

Disliking: my endless FB checking on my phone. Solution: FB app deleted for a bit.

Opening: bills, bills, bills. They never stop.

Closing: my old income protection insurance policy despite that relentless efforts of the guy on the phone to convince me to keep it yesterday afternoon. I was kind but very firm.

Feeling: mostly content. Can we ask for much more than that?

Hearing: the traffic humming out on the main road

Celebrating: being on holidays for a week or two.

Pretending: I’m about to do the washing up when really I’m going to leave it until later.

Embracing: my addiction to new shoes.



I think Rory should end up with Jess.

That’s me. Team Jess. Team brooding, ultra-intelligent, writing bad boy makes good.

I’ve been spending the last few weeks watching Gilmore Girls in preparation for the Netflix release in November of ¬†FOUR MORE EPISODES. That’s correcto. Unless you’ve

a. been living under a rock


b. never heard of Gilmore Girls (I refuse to accept this possibility)


c. dislike Gilmore Girls with every fibre of your being (I accept this possibility but find it near impossible to believe)

then you will be aware that the much, should I say, universally adored, noughties series about a girl, her mum and her mum and dad, and her mum’s best friend and her husband, and the guy in the baseball cap who runs the local diner with the best coffee, and the first girl’s best friend Paris, and the first girl’s three boyfriends – guy who went on to be in Supernatural, the afore-mentioned bad boy, and the other annoying rich Yale trust fund boy – as well as all the other inhabitants of fairytale town Stars Hollow will be returning. Except for those who are played by actors who have sadly died since the series finished of course.

There are lots of things to love and hate about Gilmore Girls. I choose to embrace its sweetness and light; it’s first world problems (“oh I don’t enough money to go to an Ivy League college but if just ask my grandparents they’ll loan me the money if I commit to seeing them for dinner once a week where we are served a three course a la carte dinner by their house staff. You know the usual kind of thing teenage girls go through. Or here’s another one. I want to open my own inn. I don’t have a job but luckily my father put together a trust fund for me when I was born and it happened to mature right when I needed to put the inn plan into action. And then when I ran out of money, I cried on a bench next the man in the baseball cap who runs the diner and he loaned me a bucketload of money because we’re meant to be together even though neither of us realise it at that point.

Okay. I hear you. Gilmore Girls does sound a bit stupid when you just write the plot out. (And believe me there’s much more where that came from). As in – Hey! We’re Lorelai and Rory! We eat junk food and takeaway for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week and we still look like supermodels.

Don’t get me started.

But here’s what to love. Gilmore Girls is Anne of Green Gables for television. (And if you don’t like Anne of Green Gables then you’re a sad, grumpy grinch and you should probably stop reading. I’m judgemental. Maybe you’ve already stopped. I don’t know. Totally up to you obviously. Blog posts aren’t compulsory reading)

Everything is brighter. Everything is more comforting. Food looks more delicious. Autumn looks more autumnal. Small town Stars Hollow is the friendliest little community in Connecticut. The elder Gilmores have a totally lush house, with floral arrangements to rival any US soap opera you’d like to name. Korean teen character and Rory’s best friend, Lane Kim has THE BEST taste in music. Pop culture refences are liberally spattered through the script and most of them still hold up over 15 years since it began. (Yes Hillary Clinton is running for president at last Gilmore Girls. You knew she would. Yes Rory hitched her wagon to a winner when in the last series she went off to work for a young, up and coming whippersnapper called Barack Obama. I wonder how that turned out?) The dialogue and fast and smart and often funny. It’s not roll on the floor laughing funny. It’s amusing and cute. There’s nothing wrong with that.

So I know that it’s already probably filmed and in editing but here’s what I’d like to see.

Rory ends up with Jess.

Rory catches up with drunk naked guy from college, Marty and he’s doing really well and she regrets giving him the flick instead awful Logan.

Rory finds Dean and realises that he was a bit of a needy wimp and not the boy of her dreams after all.

Lorelai and Luke get together finally and permanently.

Luke’s daughter April returns and is less precociously annoying than she was in the original series.

Emily is just the same.

Tristan returns! Because really what’s Chad Michael Murray up to these days anyway.

Paris and Doyle are living happily ever after but Paris still has her crafts table.

Rory’s stepsister Gigi is all growed up and Rory gives her lots of great life advice.

Taylor is still in charge of the town, Miss Patty is still teaching yoga and dancing and Babette is still living next door with her cats. Those things should not change.

Al’s Pancake World finally serves a pancake.

Most of all like all GG fans I’m desperately hoping that they don’t stuff up these sequels. Please make it a Life on the Road kind of sequel situation, rather than an Absolutely Fabulous kind of sequel. One was amazeballs. One was not.