Farewell 2016

Hello 2017. I’m taking a leaf out of the amazing Pip Lincolne’s blog and taking stock, looking back at 2016 just a little bit and thinking about what is happening in my life right now.


Making : some new tops and skirts for work which starts on 16 January. Best get cracking.
Cooking : Nigella’s chocolate festive biscuits (turned out great) and rocky road for Christmas. The kitchen was as surprised as I was at this sudden culinary turn.
Drinking : Sparkling mineral water. So cool. So fizzy. So good for summer. Plus a little bit of the old Bundy Ginger Beer. Pinot Grigio if wine is called for.
Reading: Tom Cox’s books about his cats. Just discovered. Loving them.
Trawling: the internet for clothes bargains. May be slightly addicted to this now.
Wanting: To be less obsessed with my phone

Looking: at the computer screen.
Deciding: How to balance work, life, exercise, social life and music activities in 2017

Wishing: Donald Trump was not going to be the President of the USA

Enjoying: the week between Christmas and New Year. Cocooning, recharging time for this introvert.
Waiting: for autumn. I know. It’s a while off yet.

Liking: this song by Justin Timberlake which is surprising because I’m not a JT fan at all.

Wondering: why the cat always chooses to sit in the hottest room in the house in summer

Loving: going to the gym which is completely surprising to me and everyone person who knows me.

Pondering: what 2017 holds

Listening: to lots of Stevie Wonder. Legend. And podcasts….always podcasts.
Considering: what to do first today.

Buying: fabric, clothes, shoes, music – all those great things

Watching: Seinfeld on Stan from start to finish, Flesh and Bone on Stan (even though it’s totes too much for me – one episode a day), lots of old movies on Netflix and iTunes
Hoping: that the new Sherlock is good tomorrow.

Marvelling: at extroverts. How do they do it day after day?
Cringing: daily at President elect Trump
Needing: to tidy up my music room and music cupboard

Questioning: our obsession with fireworks on NYE.
Smelling: a beautiful jasmine and green tea candle

Wearing: my jim jams as I write this. My new gold saltwater sandals whenever I go out. GOLD. (as well as other clothes)

Noticing: People who talk with you compared to People who talk at you.
Knowing: I need to go to the grocery shop.
Thinking: I don’t want to go to the grocery shop
Admiring: All my amazingly talented and kind friends
Getting: a headache I think.
Bookmarking: lots of articles to do with teacher librarianship.

Disliking: photos of sunrises. Yes I know you’re up at the crack of dawn. Stop showing off. (Inner Grinch: released momentarily)

Opening: a new year full of possibilities
Closing: the door on 2016
Feeling: contented most of the time. that’s got to be good right?
Hearing: cicadas
Celebrating: becoming an aunty in 2017
Pretending: that I’ll tidy the house today. Unlikely.
Embracing: music-making


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